The Rain EP

by Dustlight

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released April 6, 2016


all rights reserved



Dustlight England, UK

'Raw teenage angst has never been fresher!' - Lifeboat Promotions

Bloody brilliant bunch of alt-rockers Dustlight are smashing the local circuit open with fresh riffs, and distorted energy like no other!

Influences include Biffy Clyro, Nirvana, Basement, Sorority Noise
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Track Name: Rain
I’ve never even met her but she’s messing with my head
Her voice speaks through the airwaves but the static makes me deaf
My heart is longing for her and my brain’s starting to swell
I know she’s out there somewhere and she knows I am as well

I wish that she was mine
I want her by my side

She’s stuck inside my mind and she can’t find her way
She is a predator and my heart is her pray
I wish that she was here and never went a way
Here comes the rain

I can’t wait any longer for her touch against my skin
No one understands the state her love has put me in
Time and time again I find myself thinking of you
Oh how I wish I knew you were thinking of me too
Track Name: Labyrinth
Beat me until my skin goes numb again
Stop me having any fun again
Tell me to shut up and not to cry
Don’t bother to ever tell me why

Run away
Run away
Run away
Run away from me

My legs move but the floor stays still beneath
Darkness crawls behind me in my sleep
Torture me inside my head once more
Can’t get any closer to the door

I can feel its spectral breath on me
I can’t move and I can hardly breathe
As I look down the floor starts to decay
From my mental labyrinth I escape
Track Name: Hue
Why am I still awake?
I’m so tired and it’s getting late
It’s too much for me to take
I need to sleep
These conflicting thoughts are leaving me so torn
I don’t know what, to show or not

I keep on thinking but I
Never act
Stuck in cycles over
This and that
But I still don’t know what I should do
Still I’m shrouded in your hue

My brain is melting and my, Eyes are shot
Stay up longer and I’ll, lose the plot
Insomnia has taken hold of me
Controlling all, my lonely thoughts

I keep on thinking but I
Never act
Stuck in cycles over
This and that
But I still don’t know what I should do
I’ve bitten off more than I could chew
And I still don’t know what I should do
Still I’m shrouded in your hue
Track Name: Dying For The Old
What I thought I’d left behind
Is still there inside my mind
Idol thoughts active again
And they’re dancing in my head

Why’s this memory showed its face
After it had found its place
In the wastelands of my brain
Now it’s broken through its chains

And I’m longing for these things
For which anything I’d give
And it starts to take its toll
When you’re dying for the old

My affection’s been revived
And it’s eating me alive
I am trying to understand
How this lust was so unplanned
Track Name: Clyde
I'll sit here forever alone in my room
No one by my side and thoughts only of you
Oh, how I long for her take me far away
To an adventure land where we both can stay

Ink all over my hands darkness all around
I can hear them coming no feet on the ground
Someone come and save me from this troubled land
Put money in the slot, save me hand in hand

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